SNU Computational Linguistics_Natural Language Processing (CL_NLP)Lab

서울대학교 컴퓨터언어학_자연어처리 연구실



Models & Data

DaG (David and Goliath) LLM /KATALOG(교통사고 과실비율 시스템)

KR-SBERT-V40K-KlueNLI-augSTS in Huggingface Transformers

KR-ELECTRA in Huggingface Transformers (Discriminator)

KR-ELECTRA in Huggingface Transformers (Generator)

KR-ELECTRA: A Pre-trained Korean-specific ELECTRA model for Better Performances!

KR-FinBert: KR-BERT-Medium Adapted With Financial Domain Data

KR-FinBert-SC: Fine-tuning KR-FinBert for Sentiment Analysis

KR-SBERT: A Pre-trained Korean-specific Sentence-BERT model

KR-BERT-Medium in HuggingfaceTransformers

KR-BERT in Huggingface Transformers

KR-BERT-Medium: Expansion of KR-BERT including legal texts from the National Law Information Center and Korean Comments dataset

KR-BERT-KOSAC: Korean-specific BERT model (KR-BERT) Combined with Korean Sentiment Analysis Corpus (KOSAC), to perform better sentiment-related tasks

KR-BERT (KoRean-based BERT pre-trained): Korean-specific, Small-scale with Comparable or Better Performances

Korean Sentiment Analysis Corpus (KOSAC)


Events and Temporal Expressions in Korean(한국어 사건과 시간 표현)

Linguistics and Statistical Models(언어학과 통계모델) 1st Ed. corrections